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Our Vision:

• Healing the world with compassion and service



Our Mission:

• Healing the world by bringing clean, safe water to people in need in the Third World.



Our Goal:

• Save lives by providing safe water
• Raise awareness on water crisis in the Third World
• Engage members, supporters, partners, youth and donors in the effort of providing safe water.



“Safe water saves lives”. This is the global anthem of our times as we face a staggering crisis that is threatening the lives of millions of people worldwide due to drinking contaminated water.

The astonishing facts speak for itself the magnitude of the problem:

  • 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water.
  • 400 million children (1 in 5 from the developing countries) face these problems every day and 3900 children die every day from water borne diseases.
  • Contaminated and polluted water now kills more people than all forms of violence including wars, according to a United Nations report in March 2010. This last sentence alone is one of the strongest calls for help the world has seen to this day.


As a result, Compassionate Service Society created the Compassion Water Project where we partner with other non-profit organizations to distribute water filters and build water wells in impoverished areas.

Please join us on this humanitarian mission of compassion and healing the world.

The goal is straightforward: save lives by providing safe water. The Compassion Water Project hopes to do just that….many lives depend on it…many lives depend on you….on us….on humanity.


Meditation Retreat


Mời các bác và các anh chị tham dự khóa  Tu Thiền Chú Đại Bi (17-19, tháng 6, 2011).

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